Zeer droevig nieuws van tennisster Yanina Wickmayer: “Je gaf me de familie die ik nooit heb gehad”

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Zeer droevig nieuws van Yanina Wickmayer (29). De tennisster heeft afscheid genomen van haar schoonvader.

Yanina Wickmayer deelde op Instagram een ontroerende brief ter ere van haar schoonvader. “Je gaf me de familie die ik nooit heb gehad en daar zal ik je altijd dankbaar voor zijn”, schrijft ze. “We zien je allemaal heel graag en zullen je elke dag missen. Ik ben zeer dankbaar dat je mijn echtgenoot op de wereld hebt gezet. Ik kan me het leven zonder hem niet voorstellen.”

“Ik zal nooit vergeten dat je mijn lievelingseten klaarmaakte als ik thuiskwam van een lange trip. Als je je verloren voelt hierboven, zoek dan mijn mama op. Drink een glas wijn samen en vertel haar over ons. Rust zacht, Papoe.”



Dear Kristiaan, best father in law and Papoe, I am writing you this letter because i need you to know a few things that i never really told you and i’ll write it in English as i know you liked it when i wrote you in a different language. I need you to know that you gave me the family i always missed having and i will always be thankful for that. I need you to know that i will never forget how good your cooking was because you would always make my favourite when i came back from a long trip. I need you to know that we will tell your grandchildren about you, show them pictures of you and tell them stories so that when they look up to the stars they know who their papoe was.. I need you to know that we all love you very much and that you will be missed every single day! Every birthday, Christmas and any special day we will sit together as a family and remember all the special moments we shared.. Most off all i need you to know that i am beyond grateful for putting my husband on this world. He became my rock and can’t imagine my life without him. Thanks for raising him to be my soulmate. If you feel lost up there, go find my mama and she will show you the way. Have a glass of wine together and tell her about us. She will love you as much as we do. Rust zacht Papoe Gone from my sight but forever in my mind and heart.. Love Yanina

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